Sentence Examples

  • It was rather parliamentary oratory in which he excelled, and his true compeers are rather Burke and Fox than any French speakers.
  • He has no other instrument than the dialectic of his compeers, and he is as far off as the rest from a criticism of the instrument, Socrates.
  • Yet we find in the writings of Ghiberti and Alberti, we notice in the masterpieces of these men and their compeers Brunelleschi and Donatello, how even in the 15th century the minds of artists were fascinated by what survived of classic grace and science.
  • He was already known among his compeers for his knowledge of Greek.
  • Painting grew from a homely stock, until the work of Velazquez showed that Spanish masters in this branch were fully abreast of their Italian compeers and contemporaries.

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