Sentence Examples

  • Digital cameras represent a successful commingling of the elements amateur and professional photographers desire: easy interfaces, no film expenses, clear images and richness of features.
  • The commingling of the two currents gives rise frequently to westerly and occasionally to easterly winds.
  • The Onondaga fauna which succeeded appears to have resulted from the commingling of the resident lower Devonian fauna with new emigrants from Europe by way of the Arctic regions.
  • The late Devonian fauna of the interior represents the commingling of the Hamilton fauna of the eastern interior with new emigrants from the north-west, a union which was not effected until toward the close of the period.
  • Some of them are as light-skinned as Europeans, tall, robust, thin-lipped, straight-nosed, with straight black hair; others are shorter and darker in complexion, with round heads, long noses, thick lips, and scraggy limbs, indicating perhaps the commingling of more than one Semitic people.