Sentence Examples

  • The central conductor is covered with several continuous coatings of guttapercha, the total weight of which varies between 70 and 650 lb to the mile.
  • The famous cameo glass was formed by covering a mass of molten glass with one or more coatings of a differently coloured glass.
  • For if C l and C2 are the capacities and Q i and Q2 are the charges after contact, then Qi/CI and Q2/C2 are the potential differences of the coatings and must be equal.
  • If a charged condenser is suddenly discharged and then insulated, the reappearance of a potential difference between its coatings is analogous to the reappearance of a torque In the case of a glass fibre which has been twisted, released suddenly, and then gripped again at the ends.
  • The blister if unbroken was heated, pricked, and then rubbed level with a burnisher; if, as sometimes happened, the silver had flaked away it was replaced by coatings of pure leaf silver rubbed in with a burnisher.