Sentence Examples

  • All pigmented animals clotted when the nucleo-proteid was derived from either source.
  • The walls bordering the central paths are arched or clotted to admit heat from the chambers below the beds.
  • When this is clotted the serum is found to act as an anti-venin, so that when mixed with the venom of a snake it renders it harmless.
  • The wounded man was shown his amputated leg stained with clotted blood and with the boot still on.
  • As some of these substances (for example, lead sulphide and copper pyrites) are readily fusible when first heated, but become more refractory as part of the sulphur is dissipated and oxygen takes its place, it is important that the heat should be very carefully regulated at first, otherwise the mass may become clotted or fritted together, and the oxidizing effect of the air soon ceases unless the fritted masses be broken small again.