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  • Hence he is spoken of with respect in the Clementines; while Paul, as a radical in relation to the Law, is discountenanced.
  • The earliest probable reference to our Homilies occurs in a work of doubtful date, the pseudoAthanasian Synopsis, which mentions "Clementines, whence came by selection and rewriting the true and inspired form."
  • If we assume, then, that the common source of our extant Clementines arose in Syria, perhaps c. 265, 1 had it also a written source or sources which we can trace?
  • As for the allusions, more or less indirect, to St Paul behind the figure of Simon, as the arch-enemy of the truth - allusions which first directed attention to the Clementines in the last century - there can be no doubt as to their presence, but only as to their origin and the degree to which they are so meant in Homilies and Recognitions.
  • See Iightfoot's essay for Cyprian's contribution, as also for that of the Clementines, which fix on the twofold position of James at Jerusalem, as apostle and bishop, as bearing on apostolic succession in the episcopate.

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