Sentence Examples

  • And Clemence, daughter of Charles Martel, who claimed to be king of Hungary, was born, after his father's death, on the 15th of November 1316, and only lived seven days.
  • The next in succession was Henry Jules, prince of Conde (1643-1709), the son'of the great Conde and of Clemence de Maille, niece of Richelieu.
  • Von Brendan's Meerfahrt, Upsala, 1901); life of St Catherine by Clemence of Barking (Rom.
  • When his elder brother, Louis X., died, on the 5th of July 1316, leaving his second wife, Clemence of Hungary, with child, Philip was appointed regent for eighteen years by the parliament of Paris, even in the event of a male heir being born.