Sentence Examples

  • The original idea appears to be due to Claude Simeon Passemant (Mem.
  • The place of Mersenne as his Parisian representative was in the main taken by Claude Clerselier (the Frenchtranslator of the Objections and Responses), whom he had become acquainted with in Paris.
  • Claude Clerselier (1657).
  • He was educated at Zurich and at Saumur (where he graduated), studied theology at Orleans under Claude Pajon, at Paris under Jean Claude and at Geneva under Louis Tronchin, and was ordained to the ministry in his native place in 1683.
  • Claude Antoine de Besiade, marquis d'Avaray, was deputy for the bailliage of Orleans in the states-general of 1789, and proposed a Declaration of the Duties of Man as a pendant to the Declaration of the Rights of Man; he subsequently became a lieutenant-general in 1814, a peer of France in 1815, and duc d'Avaray in 1818.