Sentence Examples

  • The political crisis that had placed him in power had not put an end to the financial crisis, and this, it was hoped, might be effected by substituting partial and petty bankruptcies for the general bankruptcy cyI~ically advocated by Saint-Simon.
  • During his lifetime the views of Saint-Simon had very little influence; and he left only a few devoted disciples, who continued to advocate the doctrines of their master, whom they revered as a prophet.
  • The school of Saint-Simon insists strongly on the claims of merit; they advocate a social hierarchy in which each man shall be placed according to his capacity and rewarded according to his works.
  • What Saint-Simon desired, therefore, was an industrialist state directed by modern science in which universal association should suppress war.
  • That Comte would have performed some great intellectual achievement, if Saint-Simon had never been born, is certain.