Sentence Examples

  • Through his exertions the Spanish troops had not only been expelled from Holland and Zeeland, but also from the citadels of Antwerp and Ghent, which were now in the hands of the patriots.
  • - The great Cretan palaces and the fortified citadels of Mycenae, Tiryns and Hissarlik, each FIG.
  • Of this, part 8, on the citadels and castles of south Arabia, has been edited and annotated by D.
  • The city, which is dominated on the west by the two citadels of Petersbergand Cyriaxburg, is irregularly built, the only feature in its plan, or want of plan, being the Friedrich Wilhelmsplatz, a broad open space of irregular shape abutting on the Petersberg.
  • Inland, Mysore was gradually growing into a third Hindu state, while everywhere local chieftains, called palegars or naihs, were in semi-independent possession of citadels or hill-forts.

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