Circulate Definition

circulated, circulates, circulating
circulated, circulates, circulating
To move in a circle, circuit, or course and return to the same point, as blood through the body.
Webster's New World
To go from person to person or from place to place.
Webster's New World
To cause to move around freely or go from one person or place to another; place in circulation.
Webster's New World
To move about or flow freely, as air.
American Heritage Medicine
To cause to move about or be distributed.
Please circulate these fliers.
American Heritage

Origin of Circulate

  • From Middle English circulat continuously distilled from Latin circulātus past participle of circulāre to make circular from circulus circle circle

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Latin circulatus, past participle of circulare (“make circular, encircle”), a later collateral form of circulari (“form a circle (of men) around one's self”), from circulus (“a circle”)

    From Wiktionary

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