Sentence Examples

  • Magdalen College School was established at the gates and as a part of the college, to be, like Eton, a free grammar school, free of tuition fees for all corners, under a master and usher, the first master being John Ankywyll, a married man, with a salary of CIO a year, the same as at Winchester and Eton.
  • Ja - u  ?I a -a b -u' sh nS2=sh log (Q)=?a - b a - a' b - u' At x where = co, u = o, and q= go, (O n b - a ' a + a -b a' cio) - ?a-a'?b a-a' q In crossing to the line of flow x'A'P'J', b changes from o to m, so that with q = Q across JJ', while across xx the velocity is qo, so that i n = go.
  • CIO 10 C XIX.
  • The individual substance Socrates, for example, is a man and an animal (ovaia), tall, (rrovov), white (rrouiv), a husband (rrpos TO, in the market (rrou), yesterday (rrore), sitting (KECaOac), armed (€Xav), talking (rroceiv), listening (i cio tv).
  • Value CIO to X220.