Sentence Examples

  • Other Christmas humor parody songs are recorded by meowing cats and barking dogs, or the ever popular Chipmunk recordings of different Christmas songs.
  • Feline combat - A ninja chipmunk enters combat with a cat.
  • Despite the cover, parents be warned: while we are dealing with fluffy woodland creatures with cartoon-esque graphic stylings and chipmunk voices, the ESRB rating of mature was no mistake.
  • In the mountainous districts and high plateaus are the grizzly, formerly more common, the black bear, the four-striped chipmunk and the yellow-haired porcupine.
  • In the mountains are elk, puma, lynx, the varying hare and snowshoe rabbit, the yellow-haired porcupine, Fremont's and Bailey's squirrels, the mountain sheep, the four-striped chipmunk, Townsend's spermophile, the prong-horned antelope, the cinnamon pack-rat, grizzly, brown, silvertip and black bears and the wolverine.