Sentence Examples

  • Maria Childs' The Rebels, to J.
  • From 1879-1890, the Childs about 600 yards in 17 years; others over 4, 7 or 10 m.
  • Childs, and of Colorado College (1874), one of the leading educational institutions of the Rocky Mountain states, and the oldest institution for higher education in the state.
  • Having thus tranquillized the west, Charles took advantage of Louis the Childs death, and conquered Lorraine, in spite of opposition from Conrad, EngelspIe king of Germany (921).
  • His first preceptors were nothing but courtiers; and the most intelligent, his valet Laporte, developed in the royal childs mind his natural instinct of command, a very lively sense of his rank, and that nobly majestic air of master of the world which he preserved even in the commonest actions of his life.