Sentence Examples

  • Although no one knows the rules of the ancient game, and no game pieces were ever found, the game board unearthed in an archeological dig in Iraq is somewhat similar to a modern checkerboard.
  • It was originally titled "The Checkered Game of Life" and featured a simplistic checkerboard that represented the basic milestones of life - college, jobs, marriages, children and retirement.
  • When a player successfully moves his piece all the way to the last row of his opponent’s side of the checkerboard, the piece becomes a king and another checker is placed on top of it.
  • Graphic tees are back, as are patterned shoes (checkerboard patterns, gold profiling, etc.), and colors need not necessarily match, but they should coordinate well.
  • Checker Shoe Lacing: As the name suggests, this lacing pattern is a unique decorative look resembling a checkerboard and is popular on many urban footwear styles.