Sentence Examples

  • Chasse - Similar to a grapevine without the feet crossing, one foot moves to the side, the other "chases" it (placing alongside the first) and the first moves again.
  • That dance consisted of several chasse steps being done in sequence, Just to make it more confusing, one chasse is also called a triple-step, but since you do two of them in the basic form, the entire dance came to be called the Two-Step.
  • Wellington, convinced that no effort to bridge below Bayonne would be expected, decided to attempt it there, and collected at St Jean Pied de Port and Passages a large number of country vessels (termed chasse-marees).
  • Chasse-marees appeared from St Jean de Luz, preceded by menof-war boats.
  • Nothing, however, remains of the former enceinte or even of the famous old citadel defended by General Chasse in 1832, except the Steen, which - has been restored and contains a museum of arms and antiquities.