Sentence Examples

  • His characterizations of Cyril and Nestorius, and his narrative and criticism of the beginnings of the Christological controversy, are models of candour and historical conscientiousness.
  • - Good characterizations of Plautus, from the literary point of view, are given by Sellar in his Roman Poets of the Republic, and Wight Duff, in his Literary History of Rome (1909).
  • Sweeping theories of the movement of society, and broad characterizations of particular periods of history seem to have no attraction for him.
  • In his characterizations of persons, borrowed from Socrates, he is more dull and colourless.
  • For many years such characterizations as "Wilderness City," "Capital of Miserable Huts," "City of Streets without Houses," "City of Magnificent Distances" and "A I1udhole almost Equal to the Great Serbonian Bog" were common.