Sentence Examples

  • Of birds, several parrots and other genera are characteristically Papuan and are unknown east of the Solomons.
  • Beyond the limits of his personal travels Herodotus applied the characteristically Greek theory of symmetry to complete, in the unknown, outlines The ides of lands and rivers analogous to those which had been of symexplored.
  • It is " the selfexistent Lord," who, " with a thought, created the waters, and deposited in them a seed which became a golden egg, in which egg he himself is born as Brahma -, the progenitor of the worlds."4 The doctrine of creation by a thought is characteristically Indian.
  • Jeffrey, stimulated perhaps by his sympathy for Mrs Carlyle, was characteristically generous.
  • This is due in part to the different physical conditions there prevailing and in part to the invasion of the north-eastern portion of the continent by a number of plants characteristically Melanesian.