Sentence Examples

  • He sought to form the most intimate relations with the German Empire, but insisted on the independence of the Habsburg Monarchy, and energetically repulsed all efforts on the part of the German chancellery to set limits to that independence.
  • In 1864 he entered the chancellery of the minister for foreign affairs at St Petersburg, and was soon afterwards attached to the Russian legation at Stuttgart, where he attracted the notice of Queen Olga of Wurttemberg.
  • LIBER DIURNUS ROMANORUM PONTIFICUM, or "Journal of the Roman Pontiffs," the name given to a collection of formulae used in the papal chancellery in preparing official documents, such as the installation of a pope, the bestowal of the pallium and the grant of papal privileges.
  • The chancellery is housed in the Palais de la Legion de l'Honneur, which, burnt during the Commune, was rebuilt in 5878.
  • On leaving college, he entered the royal aulic chancellery, and in 1832 was appointed secretary of the royal stadtholder at Buda.