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  • The mining product next in value to coal in 1908 was copper, taken chiefly in Carbon county in a zone of brecciated quartzite underlying schist, the original ore being chalcopyrite, with possibly some pyrite, a secondary enrichment, which has produced important bodies of chalcocite in the upper workings, but these are replaced by chalcopyrite at greater depth.
  • The principal ores of copper are the oxides cuprite and melaconite, the carbonates malachite and chessylite, the basic chloride atacamite, the silicate chrysocolla, the sulphides chalcocite, chalcopyrite, erubescite and tetrahedrite.
  • Chalcocite, redruthite, copper-glance or vitreous copper (Cu 2 S) contains about 80% of copper.
  • Cuprous sulphide, Cu 2 S, occurs in nature as the mineral chalcocite or copper-glance, and may be obtained as a black brittle mass by the direct combination of its constituents.

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