Sentence Examples

  • Within that list, programs include things such as meditation, breathing techniques, the chakra system, body language and touch, art and the science of sequencing, proper adjustment techniques, purpose and use of props, and use of voice.
  • While this form of chakra yoga may seem low in physical exertion, as with all forms of yoga and exercise, it is important to get permission from your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.
  • Playing as the regular Naruto may be fun, but if you want to unleash the red chakra and gain access to the powers of the Nine Tails Fox, you must unlock Kyuubi Naruto.
  • When one chakra is blocked or slowed, this can make a person feel ill, have a negative attitude, run down, stressed out or just out of "whack" in general.
  • Yoga Webshop also has beautiful chakra pendants with blue topaz, garnet, and peridot gemstones, among others, representing the seven points.

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