Sentence Examples

  • While there isn't really much a service provider can do to stop the mechanism of a CGI proxy (webmasters also use PHP to create proxy websites), they can block traffic to the proxy servers themselves whenever they are discovered.
  • Computer Generated: Computer generated (CGI) videos aren't actual coaster footage, but with highly detailed 3D imaging and electronic models, computer POV videos can often be just as realistic as the most carefully filmed live shots.
  • Understandably, some people aren't comfortable with this kind of scrutiny, and a CGI bypass proxy uses the very same technology to put yet another proxy in between the user and the "monitoring" proxy.
  • From accepting the information to creating profiles to automatically adding it to the guestbook entries immediately, Perl and Java and CGI scripts can make a web programmer's life easier.
  • Because the technology that makes today's films so amazing has also perfected techniques of making CGI (computer generated imagery) clones that can pass for the real thing in crowd scenes.