Sentence Examples

  • This movie, set in 140 AD, is about a centurion named Marcus Aquila who comes to Scotland from Rome to solve the mystery of his father's legion's disappearance twenty years ago and to make peace with his loss.
  • He was a purely military man appointed by the emperor, usually a centurion whose term of service was completed.
  • Enamoured of the beautiful daughter of the plebeian centurion Virginius, Claudius attempted to seize her by an abuse of justice.
  • He was still but a centurion when chosen by the army of the Danube to lead it against Constantinople.
  • Of his early years nothing is directly known, and we first hear of him in middle life as serving during the Second Punic War, with the rank of centurion, in Sardinia, in the year 204, where he attracted the attention of Cato the elder, and was taken by him to Rome in the same year.