Sentence Examples

  • As building materials improve and designs evolve, it makes a lot of sense for you as a homeowner to consider the installation of a Celotex ceiling tile application in your home, rather than a traditional plaster ceiling.
  • Now with their designer styles, Celotex BioShield technology and high recycled content, Celotex is increasingly becoming the go-to company for homeowners as well.
  • Ceiling tiles that have been treated with Celotex BioShield mold and mildew resistant coating can help impede the growth of mold in areas with high humidity.
  • Given the association of ceiling tiles with large, commercial applications, it may not occur to you to consider the use of Celotex in the home.
  • New designer styles, shapes, colors and textures are now available in Celotex ceiling tiles, and are certainly worth a second look.