Sentence Examples

  • With the decision of the two friends to proceed to the forest of cedars in which the goddess Irnina - a form of Ishtar - dwells, and which is guarded by Khumbaba, the 2nd tablet ends.
  • On the summit of the Golis range the cedars form forests.
  • 15), and especially for oaks, which are coupled with the cedars of Lebanon (Isa.
  • For building and miscellaneous purposes, in addition to the rare woods above named, there are cedars (used in great quantities for cigar boxes); the pine, found only in the W., where it gives its name to the Isle of Pines and the province of Pinar del Rio; various palms; oaks of varying hardness and colour, &c. The number of alimentary plants is extremely great.
  • Arrayed submissively felling cedars for Seti I.