Sentence Examples

  • A mixed forest of deciduous and conifer trees formed a dense covering of mottled greens.
  • In diameter; the wood, however, was dense, and had the structure of that of an Araucarian Conifer; specimens of the wood have accordingly been commonly referred to the genus Araucarioxylon, and at one time the idea prevailed that wood of this type indicated actual affinity with Araucarieae.
  • No conifer grows in Denmark except under careful cultivation, which, however, is largely practised in Jutland.
  • Coniferales: " Report of the Conifer Conference " (1891) Journ.
  • The first species of the genus, Nematophycus Logani, was discovered by Dawson in 1856 in the Lower and Middle Devonian of Canada, and was described by him as a Conifer under the name of Prototaxites.