Sentence Examples

  • Tangerines, lemons, limes, grapes, guavas, figs, cashews or caws (A nacardium occidentale), mangabas (Hancornia speciosa), joboticabas (Eugenia cauli ora and E.
  • It has been suggested that they were descendants of the Visigoths, and Michael derives the name from caws (dog) and Goth.
  • In the Attic deme Melita he was invoked as 6W /caws (" Helper in ills "), at Olympia as KaXAlvcrcos (" Nobly-victorious "), in the rustic worship of the Oetaeans as eopvoiricov (K6pv01rEs, " locusts "), by the Erythraeans of Ionia as tlrotcrdvos (" Canker-worm-slayer ").

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