Sentence Examples

  • The system of Catharism recognized two classes of adherents, credentes and perfecti.
  • It may be said generally that Catharism formed the abiding background of medieval heresy.
  • The influence of Catharism on the Catholic church was enormous.
  • It continued among the Albigenses and other dissident sects of the middle ages, among whom it served a double purpose; for their elders were thus not only able to prove their own chastity, but to elude the inquisitors, who were less inclined to suspect a man of the catharism which regarded marriage as the "greater adultery" (maius adulterium) if they found him cohabiting (in appearance at least) with a woman.
  • The people were attached to the bons hommes, whose asceticism imposed upon the masses, and the anti-sacerdotal preaching of Peter of Bruys and Henry of Lausanne in Perigord, Languedoc and Provence, only facilitated the progress of Catharism in those regions.

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