Sentence Examples

  • That's like getting an ice cream sundae with castor oil for topping.
  • Her worship was early transferred to Rome, localized by the Lacus Juturnae near the temple of Vesta, at which Castor and Pollux, after announcing the victory of lake Regillus, were said to have washed the sweat from their horses.
  • The castor-oil plant is everywhere common, and furnishes most of the oil of the country.
  • The castor-oil plant is common, and the wax tree grows plentifully in the neighbourhood of Lai-yang in the east, giving rise to a considerable trade in the wax produced by the wax insects.
  • 14,758 Mont Maudit 14,669 Dent Blanche 14,318 Dome du Goiter 14,210 Grand Combin 14,164 Castor 13,879 Zinal Rothhorn 13,856 Alphubel 13,803 Grandes Jorasses� 13,797 Rimpfischhorn� 13,790 Strahlhorn .� 13,751 Dent d'Herens 13,715 Zermatt Breithorn� 13,685 Aiguille Verte .� 13,541 Ober Gabelhorn..