Sentence Examples

  • Whether you agree with the vast majority of reviewers who herald Casablanca as a classic masterpiece, or if you watch the movie and decide that you just don't care for it, you should take the time to watch this highly regarded film.
  • Reading Casablanca reviews from the original release can be a lot of fun because the reviewers had not yet declared Casablanca a classic, although many reviewers did predict this would be an important film.
  • And when you buy a fan from Casablanca, your purchase comes with 120 days of in-home customer service, so there will always be someone available to make sure the installation comes off just right.
  • There is an abundance of recent reviews for Casablanca, because even though the movie was released many years ago it has remained prevalent in the entertainment industry thanks to VHS and DVDs.
  • You can find reviews which discuss the historical significance of the movie as well as reviews that study the resulting ripple of movies which mimic Casablanca with plot and other factors.