Sentence Examples

  • After touring the album, and an appearance at the Carling Weekend Reading Festival, she suffered a nervous breakdown due to pressure surrounding the release of her next LP.
  • The band played a number of festivals, including Glastonbury, The V Festival in Stafford, and the Leeds and Reading Carling Weekend Festivals.
  • In the north of England Passion Sunday was formerly known as Carle or Carling Sunday, a name corrupted from "care," in allusion to the sorrowful season which the day heralds.
  • It was the universal custom in medieval England to eat on this Sunday a grey pea steeped and fried in butter, which came from its association "Carling Nut."
  • The more imaginative, elfin quality, familiar in Dunbar's Ballad of Kynd Kittok and his Interlude of the Droichis Part appears in such pieces as Gyre Carling (the mother-witch), King Berdok, and Lichtounis Dreme.