Sentence Examples

  • Severe fighting also took place here during the Carlist War in 1837.
  • In the Carlist War of 1836 -40 it was held by the Cristinos, and in 1875-76 it was more than once attacked, but never taken, by the Carlists.
  • C.) Zumalac9rregui, Thomas (1788-1835), Spanish Carlist general, was born at Ormaiztegui in Navarre on the 29th of December 1788.
  • When the Carlist rising began on the death of Ferdinand he is said to have held back because he knew that the first leaders would be politicians and talkers.
  • He did not take the field till the Carlist cause appeared to be at a very low ebb, and until he had received a commission from Don Carlos as commander-in-chief in Navarre.