Sentence Examples

  • Of the wild animals of Crete, the wild goat or agrimi (Capra aegagrus) alone need be mentioned; it is still found in considerable numbers on the higher summits of Psiloriti and the White Mountains.
  • Of interest for sportsmen, as well as serving as prey for the carnivores, are red deer, goats (Capra pallasit and C. aegagrus), chamois, roebuck, moufflon (Ovis musimon), argali or Asiatic wild sheep (0.
  • Capra, wild-goat), an island of Italy, off the N.W.
  • Genera: Camelus, Moschus, Cervus, Capra, Ovis, Bos.
  • The genera are Ovis (sheep), Capra (goats) and Hemitragus (tahr).