Sentence Examples

  • If you've had a latte or cappuccino in a café, you've probably noticed the large, powerful espresso machines used by professional baristas.
  • The price is the same at $45.99US, and other available colors include, baby pink, red, true blue, cappuccino brown, canary yellow and basic black.
  • Super Blends provide superior healthful indulgence in the form of Iced Coffee, Mocha Cappuccino, Chai Tea Latte, and Chocolate Raspberry Frappes.
  • Amaretto or cappuccino, chocolate, fudge, hazelnut, and custard fillings all impart rich, warm flavors perfect for a cool weather wedding.
  • Close the bar 30 minutes before the wedding is over and serve milk shooters with chocolate chip cookies, or gourmet teas and cappuccino.