Sentence Examples

  • 1340), was the author of the Tur (or the four Tarim), a most important manual of Jewish law, serving as an abridgement of the Mishneh Torah brought up to date.
  • In the East, Joseph Karo (Qaro) wrote his Beth Yoseph (Venice, 1550), a commentary on the Tur, and his Shulhan `Arukh (Venice, 1564) an halakhic work like the Tur, which is still a standard authority.
  • *?iNVNN y itingn4 41tti[axctt n tt?u%It tUr guar ntai;un.
  • In the article Ibex mention is made of the Caucasus ibex, or tur, C. caucasica, as an aberrant member of that group; but beside this animal the Caucasus is the home of another very remarkable goat, or tur, known as C. pallasi.
  • In this ruminant, which is of a dark-brown colour, the relatively smooth black horns diverge outwards in a manner resembling those of the bharal among the sheep rather than in goat-fashion; and, in fact, this tur, which has only a very short beard, is so bharal-like that it is commonly called by sportsmen the Caucasian bharal.