Sentence Examples

  • To the south of Terranova there is no harbour of any importance on the east coast (the Gulf of Orosei being exposed to the E., and shut in by a precipitous coast) until Tortoli is reached, and beyond that to the Capo Carbonara at the south-east extremity, and again along the south coast, there is no harbour before Cagliari, the most important on the island.
  • The northern extremity of the Nurra, the Capo del Falcone, is continued to .the N.N.E.
  • Turris Libisonis was also connected with Othoca by a road along the west coast, passing through Tharros, Cornus and Bosa; this road went on to Tibula 2 (Capo della Testa) at the north extremity of the island and so by the coast to Olbia.
  • Of the Capo Miseno, the nearest point of the mainland.
  • At Le Grotte, between Portoferraio and Rio dell' Elba, and at Capo Castello, on the N.E.