Sentence Examples

  • CAMBALUC, the name by which, under sundry modifications, the royal city of the great khan in China became known to Europe during the middle ages, that city being in fact the same that we now know as Peking.
  • The city, under the name of Cambaluc, was constituted into an archiepiscopal see by Pope Clement V.
  • Maps of the 16th and 17th centuries often show Cambaluc in an imaginary region to the north of China, a part of the misconception that has prevailed regarding Cathay.
  • All agree with the etymology in calling it Cambaluc, which should be accented Cambaluc.
  • His great successor, Kublai Khan (1280-1294), rebuilt the town, which he called Yenking, and which became known in Chinese as Ta-tu, or "great court," and in Mongolian as Khanbalik (Cambaluc), or "city of the khan."

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