Sentence Examples

  • You'll see shirts like the Axis Big and Tall Camas Silk Swirls Shirt, the Axis Big & Tall Tulaire Embroidery Camp Shirt, the Axis Big & Tall Solid Pleated Front Camp Shirt in Tan and Black, and more.
  • Between Henry's Fork and Malade (or Big Wood) river, a distance of 200 m., the river apparently has no northern tributaries; but several streams, as the Camas, Medicine Lodge and Birch creeks, and Big and Little Lost rivers, which fail to penetrate the plain of the Snake after reaching its border, are believed to join it through subterranean channels.
  • In the Upper Snake basin, in the Camas prairie and Lost river regions, the climate is much colder, the highest temperature in 1902 being 101° and the lowest - 35° F.
  • The fertile northern plateaus, the Camas and Nez Perce prairies and the Palouse country - a wonderful region for growing the durum or macaroni wheat - until 1898 had no market nearer than Lewiston, 50-70 m.
  • A further step in irrigation is the utilization of underground waters: in the Big Camas Prairie region, Blaine county, water 10 ft.