Sentence Examples

  • "India Square" remains, a memento of a bygone day.
  • - These are generally written in the form of dialogues, in which the speakers sometimes belong to bygone times and sometimes to the present.
  • A scribe who preserves in his spelling the traces of a bygone age is probably trustworthy.
  • It was Moses Mendelssohn's German translation of the Pentateuch (1 7 80 - 1 793) which marked the new spirit, while the views of his opponents belong to a bygone age.
  • It will therefore be best in this brief sketch to say that the leader of the elder school was Viktor Rydberg (q.v.; 1828-1895) and that he was ably supported by Carl Snoilsky (q.v.; 1841-1 9 04) who at the beginning of the 20th century was the principal living poet of the bygone generation in Sweden.