Sentence Examples

  • It was one of the ancient manors of the Butlers, who received for it the grant of a fair from Henry VIII.
  • The year 1778 saw the bloody operations of the Tory Butlers and their Loyalist and Indian allies in the Mohawk and Schoharie valleys and notably the massacre at Cherry Valley.
  • In Henry I.'s reign a barony was formed for Pain de Vilars, of which Warrington was the head and to which it gave the name, and from that family both manor and barony passed to the Botelers or Butlers, who first established their residence on the mote hill and before 1280 built Bewsey in Burton wood.
  • The Butlers held both barony and manor till 1586, when the barony lapsed and the manor passed after some vicissitudes to the Irelands of Bewsey, then to the Booths and in 1769 to the Blackburns.
  • Here the Grail is a food-providing, self-acting talisman, the precise nature of which is not specified; it is designated as the "rich" Grail, and serves the king and his court sans serjant et sans seneschal, the butlers providing the guests with wine.

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