Sentence Examples

  • Excrescences may be divided into those occurring on herbaceous tissues, of which Galls are well-known examples, and those found on the woody stem, branches, &c., and themselves eventually woody, of which Burrs of various kinds afford common illustrations.
  • Turning now to outgrowths of a woody nature, the well-known burrs or knaurs, so common on elms and other trees are cases in point.
  • There are many Varieties of burrs, though all woody outgrowths of old trees are not to be confounded with them, e.g.
  • They were like burrs in his shoes, but he couldn't yet go after them until he'd learned to control his new power.
  • The knees of Taxodi urn, &c. Many typical burrs might be described as witchesbrooms, with all the twigs arrested to extremely short outgrowths.

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