Sentence Examples

  • For the last thirty years the average increase in the output has been 22% per annum, and that in the exports (including bunkers) 42% per annum.
  • We took a lesson from the East-West War and created bunkers and tunnels between cities to escape the eyes of the feds.
  • The cleaned coal is carried by a stream of water to a bucket elevator and delivered to the storage bunkers, or both water and coal may be lifted by a centrifugal pump into a large cylindrical tank, where the water drains away, leaving the coal sufficiently dry for use.
  • It's a series of bunkers connected by tunnels, set up by the PMF to protect the people during the East-West War.
  • He could only steer them towards the Underground Railroad, the secretive systems of bunkers and tunnels running beneath major cities that were developed by the PMF during the ten-year war.