Sentence Examples

  • They weren't life changing or anything but because of my bunion and working on my feet all day I constantly had an aching foot, and after using Yoga Toes, I no longer had that knot or soreness in my foot."
  • When a bunion forms on the foot at the joint of the big toe, the joint becomes red and swollen, and often the big toe angles in towards the next toe on the foot.
  • Yoga Pro states that Yoga Toes, if used frequently enough, can alleviate bunion pain or take it away completely depending on the severity of your condition.
  • If you're stretching for the sake of bunion relief, use the bunion attachment; if you just need a wider shoe all around, don't use the attachments.
  • I couldn't really understand what made them so different from the many splints or slings I'd been looking at to alleviate my bunion.