Sentence Examples

  • As the central organ of this confederation (Bund) was established the federal diet (Bundestag), consisting of delegates of the several states.
  • It was arranged that the headship of the confederation should be hereditary, that it should belong to the king of Prussia, and that legislative functions should be exercised by a federal council (Bundesrat), representative of the various governments, and by a diet (Bundestag) elected by the whole people.
  • Fischer, Die Nation und der Bundestag (Leipzig, i88o); K.
  • He also, in the constitution for the new confederation, introduced a parliament (Bundestag) elected by universal suffrage.
  • These include four volumes entitled Preussen im Bundestag, 1851-1859 (4 vols., Leipzig, 1882-1885), which contain his despatches during the time he was at Frankfort.