Sentence Examples

  • P. 396; and Beloch, " Der italische Bund unter romischer Hegemonie " (Leipzig, 1880) and " "La Conquista Romana della regione Sabina," in the Rivista di storia antica (1905), ix.
  • In any reform of the Bund, it ran, Prussia, equally with Austria, must have the right of vetoing war; she must be admitted, in the matter of the presidency, to absolute equality with Austria; and, finally, she will yield no tittle of her rights save to a parliament representing the whole German nation.
  • In the event of the actual constitution of the Bund being shattered by war, the German states were asked whether they would be prepared to join this new organization.
  • Beloch, Der italische Bund unter romischer Hegemonie, p. 51).
  • A handsome bund runs along the river frontage of the three foreign settlements, and the public buildings, especially in the British settlement, are large and fine.