Sentence Examples

  • The forts and part of the ramparts were demolished at the beginning of the 10th century, when a line of forts occupying the heights of Bu Zarea (at an elevation of 1300 ft.
  • Notre-Dame d'Afrique, a church built (1858-1872) in a mixture of the Roman and Byzantine styles, is conspicuously situated, overlooking the sea, on the shoulder of the Bu Zarea hills, m.
  • They were also called Bonin Jima (corrupted by foreigners into Bonin) because of their being without (bu) inhabitants (nin).
  • This affair resulted in an important bu litical change, for the Piedmontese deputies, hitherto the th Llwarks of moderate conservatism, now shifted to the Left or 3rf nstitutional opposition.
  • Consists primitively of typical living parenchyma; bu its differpotlistion mov he esctremelv vsred, sinr-p in the rnmnle~