Sentence Examples

  • End of Lake Baikal, then it broadens out so as to include the whole of the Amur basin, the total summer precipitation there being about 12 in.
  • The anterior segment broadens and becomes umbrella-shaped; it has a powerful row of cilia round the rim and smaller cilia on the general surface.
  • Just above the Lol confluence the Jur broadens out and forms a lake (Ambadi) 0 m.
  • The narrow foot-plateau of British East Africa broadens out to the south of Bagamoyo to a width of over loo m.
  • Here it broadens into Lake Ibrahim (Kioga) (in reality a vast backwater of the Nile discovered by Colonel Chaille Long in 1874), and continues navigable (save for sudd obstacles at times) right through Lake Ibrahim and thence northwards for loo m.