Sentence Examples

  • The various methods will be considered first for the trapezette, the extensions to the briquette being only treated briefly.
  • A briquette may therefore be defined as a solid figure bounded by a pair of parallel planes, another pair of parallel planes at right angles to these, a base at right angles to these four planes (and therefore rectangular), and a top which is a surface of any form, but such that every ordinate from the base cuts it in one point and one point only.
  • The ordinates of this new briquette at the points of intersection of x =x 0, x = xi,.
  • In the case of the briquette the position of the foot of the ordinate u is expressed by co-ordinates x, y, referred to a pair of axes parallel to a pair of sides of the base of the briquette.
  • The co-ordinates of the edges of the briquette - are (xo, y o), (xo+H, y o), (x o, yo+K), and (xo-1-H, yo+K).

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