Sentence Examples

  • He also came to know the Oxford collections of Brian Twyne to which he was greatly indebted.
  • Brian himself perished along with his son Murchad and Maelmorda.
  • He succeeded his brother, Brian, when the latter was murdered by Turlough in 1562, as baron of Dungannon.
  • Through an elder line from Neill Mor was descended Brian Mac Phelim O'Neill, who was treacherously seized in 1573 by the earl of Essex, whom he was hospitably entertaining, and executed together with his wife and brother, some two hundred of his clan being at the same time massacred by the orders of Essex.
  • In answer to this he dedicated to the "most ingenious and excellent Mrs Katherine Phillips" his Discourse of the Nature, Offices and Measures of 1 See an angry letter by Brian Duppa, bishop of Salisbury, on the subject (Eden i.