Sentence Examples

  • About a hundred men under Colonel James Bowie and Captain J.
  • 105 Military Plaza; at 128 Soledad is the Veramendi Palace, the residence of Governor Veramendi, father-in-law of Colonel James Bowie, and in this palace Colonel B.
  • Its recapture by Santa Anna, February-March 1836, was distinguished by the heroic defence of the mission (particularly the chapel of the Alamo) by Colonels William Barrett Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett, and 178 others against the attack of about 4000 Mexicans.
  • An unhappy propensity to duelling, the origin in Arkansas of the bowie-knife, - from an alleged use of which Arkansas received the nickname, which it has always retained, of the " toothpick state," - and other backwoods associations gave the state a reputation which to some extent has survived in spite of many years of sober history.