Sentence Examples

  • Many different websites contain functions that will allow you to play Settlers of Catan free online, either against computer players (known as "bots"), or against actual people from all over the world.
  • One particularly nasty trick would fill the background of the page with text the same color as the background - so the search engine 'bots would read the text even though the viewer never saw it.
  • The opening sequence did a great job of introducing some of the new Autobots like The Twins, Skids and Mudflap, designed to look like an ice cream truck but could divide into two smaller bots.
  • They also have automated bots that will fake sending you a message to try and trick you into VIP membership before a real person has ever even looked at your profile.
  • When you post a link to your blog or site on your profile, it will get picked up when search engine bots crawl through your profile page looking for updates.